Specialty Corporate Services

Specialty Corporate Services

My specialty services are for critically essential individuals and executives who cannot afford to have their decision-making and functional abilities diminished or impaired by anxiety, panic attacks, depression, past traumatic events, out of control frustration and anger or the dangerous and ineffective medications commonly prescribed for those symptoms and any other mental health issues.

1 Do you have anyone on your team who is vulnerable to any of those conditions which will interfere with good decision-making?

Can you or any team member afford to be hampered and dulled by high risk and addictive drugs? Will you try to rely on endless talk therapy which is also proven to be useless?

Are you concerned about someone's excessive risk-taking decisions? Or someone who seems unable to make decisions. What about that abrasive individual driving away good employees?

STRESS is identified as the underlying trigger for over 80% of health conditions. Would you like access for your key executives and employees for true stress relief ?

Mainstream so-called therapeutic approaches are woefully inadequate and the entire industry is locked in ineffective politically correct techniques with complex sounding names that are nothing more than failed maneuvers by individuals with fancy credentials that equate to nothing of real value for the client.

Call now to arrange for immediate appointments of designated key individuals in your organization. Prepayment through this website is required for the minimum two hour visit. Additional priority services may be contracted for after hours and weekend services.

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