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Rev. Theresa S. Ritter, CCH AEMT

Certified in Emotional Trauma Therapy
Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy
International Natural Healing Award 2004
Ordained Minister of Healing
Certified in Advanced Eye Movement Therapy
Certified Hypnosis for Cancer Specialist
Certified Emergency Hypnosis Instructor
Certified in Hypnosis Pain Management
Professional Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

   Theresa Ritter was born in Vienna, Austria and immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1951. As is often the case with individuals who find themselves called to a healing profession, Rev. Ritter accumulated a wide range of medical and health related experience before she focused on what she considers the most effective and powerful healing techniques available to us today.

   She has gathered over 25 years of natural healing experience and has extensively studied the use of natural supplements and herbs in developing and maintaining good health. Her 15 years as President of Ritter Research furnished her with an extensive foundation of knowledge in the high technology medical diagnostics industry.

   Ritter received her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced Eye Movement Therapy (AEMT) at the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute located in Boulder, Colorado. Ms. Ritter has accumulated thousands of hours of study and practical experience in her area of expertise, the healing of the mind/body with specialization in rapidly and completely overcoming the effects of emotional trauma.

   It was not until she connected her success with eradicating arthritis in her late twenties and Raynaud's Syndrome at 48, that she truly understood and appreciated the power of the mind/body connection. In her early twenties, Ritter began exhibiting the distinctive signs of arthritis: pain, stiffness, joint swelling and the development of joint disfigurement in her hands. This came as no surprise to her since her maternal grandmother was stricken with arthritis and forced to a wheelchair in her early 20's and Rev. Ritter's mother suffered from significant arthritic pain and disfigurement in both her hands and feet. In Rev. Ritter's late 20's, without fully realizing what technique she was using, Ms. Ritter created an unconscious belief system whereby she "decided she didn’t need to have arthritis," after consciously proclaiming the same. She has been free of arthritis for over 25 years although she still has the reminder that it once existed when she looks at the two initially formed nodules in her finger joints.

   Shortly after her success in overcoming arthritis, Rev. Ritter was diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon, a serious circulatory disorder exacerbated by cold and stress. The resulting loss of circulation in the extremities often necessitates the amputation of fingers and toes. Rev. Ritter spent many years using natural supplements to alleviate the pain and finally resorted to warmer climates to be more comfortable. Resigned that she would not be able to live near her family in New Jersey, she expected to establish her practice elsewhere in the country.

   Much to her surprise and pleasure, during Rev. Ritter's intensive training in Boulder, she conducted -- with some skepticism -- an experiment using Hypnotherapy, to heal herself of Raynaud's Phenomenon. The results were evident the very next day and since that time, she has been symptom-free during stressful times and New Jersey's cold winter weather!

   Rev. Ritter specializes in helping individuals suffering from emotional trauma. For most of us, life is a series of many seemingly minor and a few major emotional traumas. Her warmth, caring and expert use of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Emotional Trauma Therapy have permitted Rev. Ritter to enjoy a level of success rare to the traditional field of medical healing or psychotherapy. Her success rate is nearly 100% over an average of six to 12 sessions. She makes it clear to each client that she does not diagnose, evaluate or treat disease. Her goal is to help each individual to feel better and she prides herself on her firm rule that no one ever leaves her office without feeling better than when he or she walked in!

   Ms. Ritter works with both adults and children. Private sessions for adults and children are scheduled at convenient hours including some evenings.

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