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You do not have to continue suffering.  Instead, you can begin to heal the UNDERLYING CAUSES of your symptoms.
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The office is open and accepting appointments.  Are you still suffering?  Are you dissatisfied with dangerous medications and endless talking?  Are past traumas affecting your overall well being today?  Are you stressed?  anxious?  overwhelmed?  frustrated?  Results happen when healing occurs at the source.  Your symptoms are signals of underlying issues which need to be addressed and resolved through advanced healing techniques that actually work.  Call or email to make your appointment.

Today you are one step closer to healing the underlying causes of your emotional discomforts.  You are only 90 minutes away from beginning to feel the benefits of true healing.  Unlike traditional help, where doctors prefer to give you mind-numbing drugs with dangerous side effects that "at best" just cover up symptoms; or traditional talk therapists that want you to rehash the painful past over and over; my advanced and proprietary approaches correct the underlying emotional injuries that stand in the way of your empowerment and positive path to emotional growth, well-being, health and happiness.

Most clients experience complete recovery in six to twelve, 90 minute sessions.  You will likely begin to feel better at the end of your first session.

As a healing-focused professional, my goal is to help you rapidly develop and adopt the belief that life is worth living and celebrating. While we can't change the facts of the past, we can change your perception of history and the damaging unconscious beliefs that everyone has a tendency to develop from past experiences.  

By applying proven, rapid healing approaches and techniques, you will correct the harmful unconscious beliefs you have inadvertantly adopted and replace those beliefs with ones that will eliminate the undesirable symptoms you are currently experiencing.  You will rapidly and effortlessly learn to believe and accept that you deserve all good things in life including love, respect, success, good health and peace.  In other words, you will accept that you are totally worthwhile at your very core.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

  If you would like relief at home, go to www.help4myanxiety.com , or www.help4myptsd.com , or help4mystress.com .
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