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Relief At HOME for Anxiety and Postraumatic Stress (PTSD)

"Simply Feeling Better"

Two Volume Set for Relief at HOME


Now you can get relief in the privacy of your home with the two volume "Simply Feeling Better" DVDs set to relieve your symptoms of ANXIETY, STRESS and POST TRAUMATIC STRESS (PTSD).

Send an email to tsr@itakecareofme.com with your Shipping information and make your payment of $49 (regularly $99) in the "Make a Payment" box on the left of the main page and your two set DVDs will be shipped to you.  Full instructions are included.  You will receive a return email confirmation when we have received your payment and full shipping information.

These proprietary, emotional support tools were initially developed to prevent and relieve the symptoms of PTSD, due to military service and combat; it has since been revealed that the neural-based technology (a significant step beyond eye movement therapy)  has a much broader benefit for the public to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

To benefit from these videos, you simply follow the positional instructions, sit in a comfortable chair and watch your screen while moving your eyes in a very specific pattern and blink at the speed as instructed.  Using your stereo earphones, you will hear complex audio messages and ultimately end with a powerful relaxation experience. Repetition is recommended until you attain your desired relief results.  Most begin to experience some relief after just a few viewings.  Each DVD includes approximately a thirty minute therapeutic experience.

GO NOW TO THE "MAKE A PAYMENT" on the left and make your payment of $49 for each set, then email your order information using the "CONTACT ME" button or tsr@itakecareofme.com and include your full name and shipping information. You will receive a return email confirming receipt of your payment and order information.



The Company's "stress relief" DVDs are not intended to treat any medical condition nor meant to replace the services of a professional.  Instead, they are intended as complimentary support tools.

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