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Theresa S. Ritter, Director, PsychoGenic Systems LLC

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Launch of FREE ACCESS to the “Simply Feeling Better” Advanced Technology-based

Post Traumatic Stress Support Programs for Veterans

Through Cooperative Effort with Local Police Departments



Central, South Carolina – PsychoGenic Systems LLC introduces first ever easy access, to affordable  post traumatic stress (PTSD) support, suicide prevention and generalized high stress (anxiety) relief that will be free to veterans and active service members.  The Program will be available through a licensing agreement at a nominal fee to high stress employees beginning with local police departments who will have unlimited access to the Program.  The benefit to police use of the program will be to reduce the underlying stress and hostility which can lead to brutality and reckless behavior.


The proprietary neural-based audio/visual (A/V) technology, developed by the Company's founder, Theresa Ritter will be accessible through a licensing agreement with local police and fire organizations. Support stations will be established in available space (Relief Centers) at police and fire department facilities monitored by trained volunteers.  The self administered A/V program will be licensed to the individual facilities for unlimited use at nominal rates with the requirement that access to the Program is also made available for free to current and former members of our military services. 

Since a significant percentage of police officers and firefighters are veterans, involvement in a program that benefits veterans is expected to receive tremendous support.

The advanced A/V technology has been proven to reduce the symptoms of emotional trauma and high stress which include suicide, anxiety, depression, frustration, hyper vigilance, excessive hostility and anger, nightmares, relationship difficulties, difficulties sleeping and relating to others, and more.  This program is complementary and will only enhance other concurrent therapies and will likely enable many participants to reduce and eliminate the use of drugs. 

Among the multiple benefits of this program for vets, perhaps primary, is its elimination of major road blocks to getting help.  No cost, no delays, no dangerous drugs, no talking and most especially, NO reliving traumatic horror scenes.  Each local relief station will be private and will require nothing more than a wide screen monitor, DVD player and comfortable reclining “antigravity” chair – all items which are anticipated to be donated by a variety of suppliers.  Free access will only require a military ID, retired or active.

Underlying the “Simply Feeling Better” A/V Program is a number of unique and substantial benefits to police officers beyond those mentioned for veterans. The public has been clamoring for a solution to address the growing trend of police brutality.  Taxpayers are suffering a double insult by first, being the victims of police brutality and then second, having to pay for civil suits through their taxes.  This situation has morphed into a possible solution involving a change to the way police are insured for these civil liability law suits.  The projected solution is for each individual to be responsible for his own liability insurance beyond a simple minimal basic plan. .  This would rapidly sort out problem individuals.  Rates would increase with risk and high risk individuals would either be refused extended insurance or would no longer be able to afford those rate increases and would necessarily be eliminated from the force. 

When police departments aggressively apply the Program, underlying hostile and out of control emotions triggering abuse and disregard for law can be diminished, ultimately reducing incidents of brutality and lawlessness.   By getting ahead of the problem, the eventual loss of trained personnel and costly civil law suits can be diminished as police members become emotionally better equipped to de-escalate situations rather than to escalate, provoke and perpetuate unnecessary violence. 

The application of the Program could be an enormous positive public relations step to bring the police back to being a “friend” of the people rather than a dangerous enemy—which has become a growing perception.


Relief centers

Relief centers offering the “Simply Feeling Better” Programs will serve participating police members and local members of the military.  The participating police departments, through a licensing program with PsychoGenic Systems LLC will host a simple space with “relief stations” which users will be able to self administer the “Simply Feeling Better” DVD Program.  The participation licensing fee will be based on the number of members in the force.

While the pilot program begins in South Carolina, Ritter looks to a national roll out in 24 months.